Electronic Circuit Board



Co-Panel was created out of frustration while lone working on large scale projects. Attempting to rectify faults, only to find they were still active when returning to the control panel. Co-Panel eliminates the need to verify device activations or rectifications of faults by pushing the information from the control panels display/log, directly to the engineer's mobile device. 

The Engineer can even, on most addressable and some conventional systems, remotely silence and reset the system. This Eliminates the need for an additional engineer/mate to be stationed at the control panel, relaying information to the testing engineer. This also works well when witness testing with clients. 

Co-Panel works by utilising the control panels RS232 port, sending the data wirelessly to the engineers dedicated app. Remote Silence and Reset features are activated either by the panels onboard Silence & Reset inputs, or programmable inputs. Other than the manufacturers download/printer lead, no other hardware is normally required.